ActLocal is a national network of local leaders focused on building local power and promoting allyship and coordination across the progressive movement.

    Our Team

    ActLocal is a coalition made up of leaders from across the progressive movement. Here are some of the core organizers that make ActLocal possible.

    Andrea Catone

    Andrea Catone
    Action Together Network
    Leader Engagement & Research

    Nina Carter

    Nina Carter
    Action Group Network
    Operations & Leader Engagement

    Leslie Boyd

    Leslie Boyd
    RISE Together North Carolina
    Host, Charlotte NC

    Jen Waldman

    Jen Waldman
    Action for a Better Tomorrow
    Host, Chicago IL

    Sage TeBeest

    Sage TeBeest
    Kansas First Congressional District Democrats
    Host, Reno County KS


    ActLocal was developed in partnership between Wall-of-Us and the Action Group Network and is supported by a wide-ranging coalition of established and new progressive organizations including the Daily Kos, Center for American Progress, Assemble, Action Together Network, Together We Will, The People’s Supper, OFA, RISE Stronger and 50+ more. Partners support ActLocal in a variety of ways such as providing outreach, content & trainings, and resources & tools. Interested in becoming a partner? Please reach out to

    The Incorruptibles
    Greater New Orleans Housing Alliance
    RISE Together North Carolina
    Fight for 15

    5 Calls
    50/50 day
    Action Group Network
    Action Together Network
    Asian Americans Advancing Justice
    Big Pictures
    Brady Campaign

    Center for American Progress
    Center for Popular Democracy
    Civic Engagement Fund
    Daily Kos
    Democracy Engine

    Democracy In Color
    Democracy Labs
    Democracy Spring
    GreenPeace USA
    It Starts Today

    James Lawson Institute
    League of Conservation Voters
    Let America Vote
    Live Free/PICO
    Love Army
    Mobilize America

    Movement Voter Project
    New Founders
    New Georgia Project
    NRDC Action

    One Arizona
    Pennsylvania Women's March
    People's Supper
    Planned Parenthood

    Progressive Democrats of America
    Reboot Democracy
    RISE Stronger

    Sister District
    Solidarity Sundays
    Strong Economy for All
    Swing Left
    The Arena

    The Return Project
    Together We Will
    Wall of Us
    Working Families Party
    Action for a Better Tomorrow

    Make the Road NY
    Alliance for Youth Action
    Rising Organizers
    YWCA National Capital Area
    Jobs First
    Woman’s National Democratic Club

    Resistance School
    Forward Wyoming
    Voices for Progress
    Western Organizing Workshop
    National Council of Jewish Women
    LA Forward

    For Our Future Fund
    159 Georgia Together
    Resistance School @ Berkeley
    Engage Progress
    Resistance Dashboard

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