What is ActLocal?

ActLocal is a national network of local leaders focused on local power building and promoting allyship and connection across the progressive movement through in-person gatherings. In November of 2017, community organizers, faith leaders, and citizen leaders will gather at 15+ invite-only events across the country for a day of workshops, trainings, and networking building, with an eye towards 2018 local, state, and federal elections.

Why ActLocal?

ActLocal is modeled on the Wall-of-Us Wonkathon, a gathering of new and existing progressive groups and experts, and builds upon needs identified at the Action Group Network’s meetups around the country. Through in-person meetings we aim to promote intersectional coalition building, deduplication, and allyship across groups and educate new resistance groups about the long history of social justice movements and groups. Complementing national formation efforts, ActLocal supports community-based collaboration, of, by and for local leaders.

Who is Organizing ActLocal?

The core organizers are from Wall-Of-Us and the Action Group Network. In each city, a group of grassroots organizers are organizing their local event and setting the local agenda. We are supported by anchor partners the DailyKos, Organizing for America, The People’s Supper, Together We Will, Center for American Progress Action Fund, and Action Together Network and over 50 additional national partners (including SwingLeft, Planned Parenthood the Brady Campaign, OneArizona, Greenpeace, MoveOn, Sister District, Let America Vote, LoveArmy) and hundreds of local chapters and organizations are also involved.

What does ActLocal hope to achieve and learn?

We don’t promise to heal party divisions in party or create fully functioning alliances in one day. That said, we firmly believe local relationship building is the key to advancing progressive values in 2018 and beyond. To carry out this this vision we intend to create and distribute the following reusables:

  • robust and detailed maps of progressive players in our event locations;
  • maps of resources, campaigns and experts on topics like DACA and Medicaid expansion and tools and services available from our partners, with a special toolkit focused on voting and electoral resources;
  • an organizer’s event toolkit that includes a set of templates that can be reused for other convenings.

We will foster collaboration and allyship after the day through dinners following the events coordinated by The People’s Supper. The November 2017 meetings will test the concept of scaling in person, cross-movement and organization convenings, and help us identify what local leaders need to collaborate and win on local campaigns going into 2018.